Monday, 5 August 2013

Harlech Castle

I suppose no visit to Wales would be complete without a trip to a ruined fortress. Harlech Castle is known for housing Owen Glendower whom you will recognize from Henry IV, Part I, if you know your Shakespeare. He is of course a renown Welsh hero who captured Harlech Castle and used it as his base for his revolt against the English. In May 1404, Glendower called a Parliment wherein he declared himself the Prince of Wales; France and Scotland rallied behind him and he continued his plans to overthrow Henry IV. During the revolt, the rebels burned down Bangor cathedral, before the English gained the upperhand in 1409 and lay siege to the castle. The Welsh surrendered, thus ending the Welsh rebellion.

Francis, photobombing.

As we trailed along, the crows wheeled in the cold air above us, and one eventually flew overhead and pooped on Fran, much to his chagrin. 

Natalie was kind enough to clean it off.

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