Monday, 5 August 2013


Alas, I am not to be married just yet. I did, however, join Natalie to look at dresses. We took the train to Morpeth, dressed to the nines (as was appropriate) and we had cream tea before shoving off to Darcy, a wedding store with a quiet showroom on the second floor. Unfortunately I cannot show you any of the pictures I took as they are a secret. So enjoy these instead.

I was most delighted to hear that Nat and Fran were to be churched. You see, I am usually not one to care all that much for wedding announcements. I see the notifications on Facebook and I hear of proposals and impending nuptials through the grapevine, but thus far I have remained stalwartly untouched. There is no way of saying it without seeming a bit cold or  unkind, but you mustn't judge me so. I think it is a common trait for those who have lived a mobile life--we do not invest ourselves lightly, and we do not rejoice with everyone at every occasion. Those saved well wishes I can finally bestow upon my dear, dear friend Natalie Jayne and her betrothed Francis. 

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