Thursday, 8 August 2013


Today I finally finished painting the crossbeams in my room. I am only telling you now because the trial is over. Whilst I was suffering through the ordeal I was not absolutely sure I would survive balancing so precariously on a step ladder high above the floor. My poor shins and knees are bruised from the uncommon exercise, and I am generally tired but happy to have it over and done with. On the plus side, I have now cured my dislike of (falling from) heights.

This is me enjoying a hearty lunch at Tully's. The Rebel Shang says I look like I was attacked by an angry henna artist.


Reb said...

AHA. Guess what I just realized. That's the acronym for Angry Henna Artist.

D. Stephanie Holton said...

Nice work! Hey Sanna, where are you now? did you go back to Singapore yet? DO you still have the same address?