Saturday, 1 October 2011

At the Gray House

 After the end of the opening ceremonies at my uncle's shop, we drove to his gray house by the sea, where all of us--mamma, pappa, and me, my aunt and uncle, Amelia, William, Inga-Linn, and grandmother--had a splendid time in tiny quarters, eating lasagna, having dessert twice, going for walks in the woods, picking autumn blueberries from the bush, pondering the sea, losing at yatzy, and chasing after Zita.

 Amelia tries to coax Zita to let go of a piece of wood; when uncle chops wood, Zita always steals the kindling and and runs off, thinking it a great game; she is quite proud of herself.


 Playing Heroes of Might and Magic IV, which is surprisingly not better than Heroes of Might and Magic III

 Dusk falls on even the best of times, and we had to bid goodbye and shove off for home.

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Arcblade said...

Heroes of Might and Magic! <3

3 was pretty good. I didn't get to play 4 much, alas. But I really liked the first one. The graphics... I don't know. I really liked the dragon and phoenix graphics.