Saturday, 15 October 2011


We drove to the cottage in the woods and put away our summer car Alva because she always hibernates during the winter. After all this pappa and I drove over to Pelle's house to fill our all-weather car with church supplies, including the extremely unwieldy, very heavy synthesizer.  It's rather slippy to hold when it's all wrapped up in its pink blanket. We left it on the floor in the hallway for easy access tomorrow afternoon, and it is looking suspiciously like a wrapped body.

I also introduced mother and father to Merlin, though I'd forgotten how impossible it is to watch anything with them.

Wait. What just happened?
Merlin's on his way to the city.
Why is he going there?
We're two minutes into the episode. Just keep watching.
Who's that person?
Merlin freezes a flying bucket in mid-air.
Oh, it's like X-Men.
The witch touches the girl who's found out her horrible secret and drains her of life.
It's like Rogue!

You should have been there when we watched the Matrix.

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