Thursday, 6 October 2011

Now where is that lexicon?

As I sit here at my computer, typing away in English on my father's book, I find myself time and time again struck wordless. I have been living in a linguistic limbo for the past few months, and it is beginning to show. Strained word-play. Tentatively placed apostrophes. And prepositions have defenestrated altogether. I read and write in English, but all other sources of linguistic influence are in Swedish. Writing in general is a slow process, but it has now become so bogged down by my inability to string sentences together that it takes twice as long and requires enough effort to give me a headache. I reach for an English word or phrase and find a Swedish one instead. He took the took the elevator, I mean.

Then how do you write? asked Natalie.
Sluggishly. With a lexicon.

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