Saturday, 12 November 2011


I watched Tintin in the theatre. Again. I haven't been to the theatre in ages, as it is expensive and I only waste my monely wisely. I have always enjoyed Tintin, and I particularly liked the adventurous spirit of this film, and so I bought myself a ticket and sat in a salon filled for the most part with young men and women who proved to be very polite and ate their popcorn quietly. I was feeling a bit guilty for watching the film again so soon, until I realized I was wearing breeches and brown shoes, much like Tintin, and then any doubts I had were immediately dispelled. All I was missing was a mortal enemy.

I rather admire Tintin's tenacious spirit. He is never afraid of a challenge, works hard as a reporter, ever filial to the truth, often going far beyond what is expected of him. He pursues his subject matter to the ends of the earth, isn't afraid of a challenge, or more likely, a fight, and reclaims the day every time he is knocked down and left for dead. He is never dismayed by obstacles or fixated on what could have been, but moves on with a resilience of spirit that is truly commendable. We need more Tintins in the world.


Trixia said...

I love Tintin but I've been hesitant to watch the movie, in case it turned out to be terrible. Now, thanks to you, my fears have been laid to rest and I will try to catch it in the cinema soon!

S.L. Gabriel said...

Glad I could be of service.