Thursday, 3 November 2011

Love the Light

With the days getting shorter, we cherish what little sunlight we have. Mother and I walked to town today, along the river.

Why do some birds prefer to nest in the same tree?
"High rise nesting," says mother.

Mother and I spent the afternoon in town. First we visited Nya Konditoriet, where I ordered a hot chocolate and a fruit tart, she coffee and a piece of cake, and after this we wandered from shop to shop with no specific goals in mind. We looked at some jackets, and I bought a red and white striped shirt for five gold pieces because it reminded me of pirates.

Darkness and mist descended over the city, swallowing everything in its cold and gentle breath. I had later to walk through the park to the cinema to watch Tintin with my father. (Highly recommended.) The movie inspires me to travel the world in search of adventures and worthy adversaries.

Rather a mystical way to end the evening.

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