Saturday, 19 November 2011

The New Mic

My friend Griffin told me I have a "decent number of followers" (29), and though there aren't many of you, he was very kind to exaggerate your numbers. He has recently set up his own website The New Mic with subjects of discussion--politics, sports, arts & entertainment, science & technology--intended to start healthy conversations about our world. The New Mic is "more than just a place to get your news fast. It’s a place to see what the world is saying and to contribute to the conversation. The New Mic is made for comments."

I find this an admirable goal. The internet is filled with ranters and ravers who have little say but say it nonetheless with capital letters and poor grammar--therefore, good people, support this project that aims for intellectual curiosity and the high-minded ideal of hale and hearty dialogue. You can always stop by to admire the layout.


Griffin Jackson said...

So perfect. Thanks, Sanna.

S.L. Gabriel said...

You are most welcome, Griffin