Monday, 7 November 2011

Never in Want of Stuff

Today I went to karate class with my usual amount of gear--gi, padded gloves, waterbottle, keys--and returned with a broken board, a flowery dress, and a Beyblade pillow shaped like a giant spinning top. (Little Erica who always runs besides me during warmups gave me the pillow because one Sunday long ago, she found out I liked Kai just as much as she did.) We had all taken turns to kick through boards, and Shihan encouraged anyone with a fireplace to take the pieces home and use them for kindling.

Surely I'll never be in want of stuff--these new possessions are only added to two blouses and pink pillbox hat my grandmother gave me a few days ago. It seems as soon as I do away with one thing, another takes its place. Ah, c'est la guerre.

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