Tuesday, 12 March 2013


This is Lee. He is a high school senior, as evidenced by his shirt, and my teacher's aide, and he arrives every Friday at sixth period to help me work through my tremendous stacks of spelling and vocabulary tests. This particular Friday I had done most of the grading before he came, and once he was done with his light work, I closed the grammar book, ended the lesson, and announced to my rapt audience, "Lee will now take you outside to blow bubbles with you."
Lee's head jerks up at the sound of his name. I had not forewarned him of this.
"Is that all right Lee?"
I can't remember if he nodded and grinned. Did he really have a choice?
The sixth graders, delighted at the prospect, pour out into the hallway where Lee proceeds to lead us in bubble-blowing: a successful venture.

                                                          Carissa's turn.

The truth of the matter is that everyone loves bubbles, no matter their age.

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