Thursday, 7 March 2013

Karate: the Art of the Empty Hand

I have finally, at long last, found a new dojo. My mother was firmly convinced that I would not have the time or energy to take up karate again, but I have defied the odds! (It only took me six months to recover from the shock of my sudden employment and subsequent promotion.) Unfortunately, over those months my body has come to resemble more and more a pile of rising dough; my muscles have wasted away, atrophying from disuse. I was a bit nervous before the training session, but once there I loosened up, enjoying myself, though Augustine, one of the trainers, told me I needed to "Relax. Take it easy." and then he repeated himself because he couldn't believe I was. The training was easier than I had anticipated, and I may have smirked a bit too much. I wasn't lying unconscious on the floor! Perhaps running up and down four flights of stairs on a daily basis is good for me?

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