Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Paladin Awakens

My friend Alicia has finished a book! A bleeding novel of 113,733 words! She's done it! She's completed a monumental task, climbed one mountain only to find another beyond the valley: editing. Her novel is called Paladin Awakens, and I am much too tired and too weighed down by grading to summarize its contents. Instead I'll just point you to the author's actual pitch.

Four hundred years after a rather catastrophic forced retirement, ex-Paladin Liera Sora has assumed the identity of Lia Roric, human healer for the fighters of the Arena. Living in the slums without her magic isn’t easy, but she’s kicking back, relaxing, and rolling with the (often literal) punches for the first time in her long life--which makes it awkward when she encounters an old comrade-in-arms who wants to bring her back into the fold. 

The last thing Liera wants to do is get involved in another war, but after a serious guilt trip and the appearance of her murderous little sister, she finds herself homeward bound with a former rival, an awestruck go-fer, a felonious best friend, and an old Magus who’s more wisecracking than wise. Everyone is depending on her to resume her duties as Paladin and save the world--again. But first, she has to regain her powers and quell some vicious ghosts from her rather eventful past. 

Bringing a healthy dose of self-awareness and some humor to the tropes of sword-and-sorcery, Paladin Awakens begins the story of an anti-heroine whose biggest strength might be her inability to forgive her own weakness. Everyday woes and humorous quirks ground the memorable cast as they set out on a quest that forces them to confront both the evil without and within. 

Alicia, I am very proud of you, and I am looking forward to the day I can point to a signed copy of that book on my shelf and say, "I know her."

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