Friday, 6 May 2011

English Department: School or Time Vortex?

It is almost impossible to leave the English department. I tried--though apparently not hard enough--and I stopped to talk to Professor Vande Kopple and Vanden Bosch when they came down the narrow corridor (there was no escaping) , Andrew Knot (who has a wonderful last name) as he was filling out forms for what I can only assume to be the New England Saints interim, Gary who was standing right next to him, Kristen on her way to work, Karl Sparrman, and finally Professor Holberg who gave me and Karl candy bars (Snickers and 3 Musketeers respectively).

Karl asked me how I was doing; I told him I have been procrastinating (dallying, dragging my feet, postponing the inevitable); I told him I do that by writing blog entries instead of attending to work; he told me that yesterday he was procrastinating by reading my blog entries. I am infinitely delighted to have enabled his downward spiral.

1 comment:

Karl Jonathan Sparrman said...

It's a vicious cycle.
At least that Three Musketeers was delectable.