Saturday, 28 May 2011

Graduation Party

Today my family and friends celebrated my graduation. Before the party, we spent some time blowing up balloons, and Joel attempted to decorate the flat according to his (shall we say?) avant garde style.

Joel: (after putting up a balloon): Check it out.
He potters about again and tapes up another one across the doorframe.
Joel: Check it out!
Mom: (from the kitchen): You don't have to act like every balloon is a masterpiece.

Sofia has an irrational fear of balloons. I made her help me with them. She blew one balloon up to one quarter of its intended size and refused to put it anywhere. It was, by all accounts, the sad runt of the lot.

Our American style spread of finger sandwiches, vegetables and dip, Rice Krispie treats, chips, fruit salad, and chocolate chip cookies.

 Joel multitasks with a guitar and computer.

 After my graduation party, we celebrated Mother's Day at my uncle's house with steak, roast potatoes, and strawberry cake. We had dinner in the beautiful new extension to their house. At Christmas time, I had only seen it in a state of construction, but now it is a perfectly comfortable day room.

My grandmother received a hand lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn, two small wine bottles, a pedicure set, and a nose hair trimmer. She wanted to know if the trimmer would short circuit if the inside of your nose was wet. We assured her that would not happen. She tried the trimmer immediately, stating that she could "already breathe much better."

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