Monday, 30 May 2011

Plan for Wind

It does not feel strange to be here. I was expecting to be filled with excitement and wonder, to run into Natalie's arms with the anticipation and eagerness experienced only by friends long sundered. I was expecting to feel more, perhaps, than I did. Of course we were happy to see each other, but the whole thing felt so ordinary, as if it was not unexpected at all. Of course I was in Edinburgh. Why shouldn't I be? Of course we should sit talking in her little room under the slanted ceiling. How perfectly natural for two friends to come together-- whatever the country or continent, however long the time between encounters--and talk about everything imaginable.

 When a guest, always come bearing gifts. In this case, a wax stick and metal seal for Natalie's future letter-writing endeavours. 

 Natalie has lined her ceiling with book covers.

On my first morning in Edinburgh, I tried on Natalie's red-and-white-polka-dot-peep-toe-shoes, still in my pyjamas.

We decided to make a day of it and take a trip to Glasgow. But before our outing Nat showed me her dress collection.

 Jam for the indecisive

Before we left on our proper day out, Natalie pinned her hair back. I did the same, but remembering yesterday's blustery weather, I doubted. "It's not going to stay put, is it?"
Natalie shook her head. "Plan for wind."

 On our way to the train station

 A spot of sunshine in the temperamental Scottish weather

 Hot chocolate

 "No whipped cream is an island entire of itself." - Natalie

 On our way to Primark, the place of bargain buys

 Natalie puffs proudly at her purchase.

Brooch for two pounds

 The sun setting over Edinburgh

 The view from my room

I have my own room. It is a wonderful thing. The former flatmate just left, and I was able to put all my things away into the now-empty drawers. It's small, but still I have my own desk, lamp, bed, bedside table, and chair. I even have my own rubbish bin! If one travels often, it is necessary to quickly establish a base of operations, a nest to which one can return to roost.

A new coat. A vase of flowers. We stopped at Tesco after our long day out to buy the flowers for sixty pence. The man behind the counter eyed our brown Primark bags. "Been to Glasgow, then, have you?"
Yes. Yes, we had.



Anonymous said...

your long skirt makes you look mexican or something. Dance in the mariachi. /sofia

S.L. Gabriel said...

I will.