Tuesday, 24 May 2011

With the Waltons

The Waltons are known on American television for having an inordinate number of family members who take a very long time saying goodnight. Another set of Waltons live outside of Grand Rapids, and last year I celebrated Thanksgiving with them and two of the Lost Boys of Sudan. While my parents were staying here for graduation, the Waltons let them stay at their house, and for the last day, I joined them. Good food and lush nature abounded.

 The Waltons

 Bleeding Hearts. In Swedish they are called löjtnants hjärtan, or lieutenants' hearts, a different nuance of perhaps the same story--some unspoken tragedy: a lover leaving for war, a faithful heart lost. 

 It seems fitting that forget-me-nots should grow beside lieutenants' hearts.

 The lilacs are in bloom.

 A Japanese maple

Take time to smell the lilacs.

Ritz Crackers are delicious.

 Poppy seed lemon cake.
 Ice cream cake

 The Czaplickis stopped by later, and Amara brought her bunny Willow. I now want to have my own, a la Beatrix Potter.

Amara took my camera.

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