Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dear Grandmother

You may recall I have often taken pictures of my grandmother's house, and for Christmas, I had some of these photos developed. She has told me before she has not been pleased with my picture-taking and could not for the life of her understand why I insisted on pressing up close and taking pictures of her potted plants and leopard-print couches and assorted soaps and exotic collectibles. I gave her the album of pictures, and she now says she has cried over that album and shown every visitor who sets foot on her threshold, swelling with pride over her well-kept home, and--as she is growing a bit forgetful--she has told me this many times over. She has also asked me to come back and take as many pictures as I please.

Roosters having a chat on the veranda 

Cloudberry tea in fine porcelain 

My grandmother has taught me that doorhandles need not be boring.

Can you spot her?


Sara Campbell said...

What does the pillow say? Great pics!

S.L. Gabriel said...

The pillow reads, "Things are beautiful where you walk."

S.L. Gabriel said...

And thank you!