Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Dear Friends,

 I haven't written during the entirety of Easter because my dear friend Natalie came to stay with me, and we had a lovely time. Only a week has passed, and yet it feels like longer, as if she had somehow become a more permanent fixture in our household. I am very privileged to know her; we are common wayfarers. We have been fast friends since 2001, when I apparently marched up to her and proclaimed, "My name is Sanna. What's yours?"

I admit she looked a bit discombobulated when she left. We had gone to town in search of professional wear--she will be teaching at the University of Durham in the fall--and we found all the skirts and blouses and shoes we could want, which was all well and good until she had to leave, when it became necessary to fit all her new belongings in her backpack and red handbag, which were of course the same size as when she arrived. It all ended with her trussed up in two bras, two shirts, one green sweater, and a pair of trousers with two skirts over. I attempted to help her by trying to fit her two new pairs of shoes into her camera bag, along with her two tea towels. Our efforts did not go unrewarded. She cleared the check-in hurdle at the airport with barely a glance at her strange attire.

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