Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kathmandu Football

Jari Kinnunen is a coach, and with his contacts in the sporting industry, he was allowed to coach the Kathmandu's Army football team during our stay in Nepal. His visit and methods proved so popular with the team that he was issued a standing invitation to come back whenever he wanted. He was, of course, also asked to come to the football game between the Army team and Bhaktapur on April 19--the day before my birthday--and given tickets for anyone who might like to join him.

So we did. I recommend seeing a football game in Kathmandu, not because of amazing footwork or quick turns (it was a rather slow game), but rather because of all the other goings-on in the arena. The birds, the peanut sellers, the water-lady, the spectators that saunter in half-time. Jari asked me to take pictures especially of the goalie, as he had coached him personally, and I didn't mind at all. I'd recommend clicking on some photos for a better look.

Man down, man down

The moment before the catch

Selling homemade rice to the spectators

Or perhaps you'd care for snacks?

"What do you think you'd have to pay for a cup of that water?" asked father.
"A night in the bathroom," said Gunnar.


I felt like a lot of the game was spent in this fashion.

Did I mention he is also the goalie for Nepal's national team?

And a nice guy.

After the game is done,
the field stands empty.
They turn the sprinklers on.

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