Sunday, 22 April 2012

Monkey Temple, Kathmandu

Prayer flags in evening light

One, two, three four little monkeys

At first I thought it said it is prohibited to take a nap sitting on the Buddha.

 A monk watches the growing scrap between them in amusement

Prayer wheels 

The dogs got into a terrible row with each other on the stairs, and this old man, carefully making his way up to the temple, leapt into action, hitting his cane on the ground and shooing the offending dogs away from their poor bullied compatriot in the drain. May we all be as forthright when the occasion necessitates. 


Anonymous said...

Jag saknar dig Sanna! Utan er familj blir det ett otäckt hål kvar..

Underbara bilder, det blir spännande att höra vad ni har att berätta när ni kommer hem igen.

Hälsa alla! Kramar Från Ida

Sarah @yearling blog said...

Your photos are seriously amazing! Wow.

S.L. Gabriel said...

Thank you so much!