Monday, 23 April 2012

Resh Marhatta

Suresh Marhatta is a movie star, known throughout the bounds of Kollywood and Asia for his on-screen romance and action. He's been on a break for the past few years, withdrawing from the filmmaking business to pursue other interests, but now he's back, making six movies over two years. But why am I telling you this?

Resh being silly with Isabel

Because apart from being an acquaintance of Jari Kinnunen on our team (who himself has done small parts in Finnish and Hollywood productions, perhaps most famously as one of the Swedes aboard the Titanic), Resh is also a very nice guy. Having heard of the Badi people through his friend, he wanted to see the homes and hear the stories for himself, and therefore he joined us on a trip to the newest girls' home. He was given a tour of the premises, seeing the sleeping quarters, storage rooms, kitchen, and vocational training areas.

Sewing machines used in vocational training

The girls greeted us with smiles and waves. 

Sarita told her story to the visitors. What started in tears

ended in laughter. "I can't believe I'm standing next to Suresh Marhatta!"

All ready for school


This little boy greeted me with a "Hello ma'am!" when I stepped into the room.

English class

These girls, before marginalized and denigrated by years of tradition, have finally been given a chance at an education and a bright future because of the efforts of Pastor Raju and his team. Resh is lending his voice to fight for this important cause because he knows action isn't just for the movies. 


Anonymous said...

rewarded work resh guys need to give this to all will know it..just an ideas. sorry.

S.L. Gabriel said...

That's a very good idea. I think something like this will be in the news soon, if all goes well. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Anonymous said...

other side of resh sir. you are amazing sir. good work.

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la la resh ji, ramro kura hero is good, social work is better. you are the best.

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awesome job !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

resh, when is challenge comes out man? waiting....