Friday, 7 December 2012


Whilst my brother and father were here, we did a number of things, all of which I documented and none of which I have told you about. I do so dislike neglecting my blog, but every time I arrive home from work I'd much rather do some less productive with my time and suddenly it's bedtime and nothing has been written. I do quite a bit in school, and when I had visitors, I did quite a bit outside of school as well, as you will soon see in these pictures.

 Joel, master of morning multitasking

 A mid-morning Saturday swim

 Little India

 Beauty is in the eye of the one who actively seeks it. 

 Buying cloth

 Bubble makers at Bugis

 A pair of Japanese buskers, Yuki and Taku, who played the space drum and digeridoo respectively


Chili crab dinner at Dempsey

with dessert that was all looks and no substance

 I miss his company.

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