Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Julfint, or Christmas Finery

This is a picture of my tidy living room, all gussied up for Christmas. My living room was already thematically blue and white and red, so all I really needed to do was roll out the red Christmas runner my mother gave me and put up the Christmas tree. Because of the size of the tree, the room looked cramped at first, until I shifted the entire sofa to the left and put it at an angle. Even then I had no room for my side table so I tucked it behind the sofa in the corner space and put my miniature palm on top. I am so pleased with the arrangement I think I'll keep it for a while.

I was given a poinsettia at the Christmas party a few weeks back, and it makes my table so much cheerier. Poinsettias always remind me of my mother and her careful instructions regarding their care. Last year she told me how sensitive they were to temperature changes. If you bought one from the plant nursery and carried it out into the cold to the car, that short trip had doomed it to a short life before it had even begun. She's killed enough to know. 

I brought this beautiful, white, antique cloth from Sweden, and I wanted to put it into a place of honour this season. However, I also had a red runner on hand, which also needed a home--and not willing to relinquish either, I thought "Why choose?" and used them both. I like the geometrical design of this the-more-the-merrier concept.

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