Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My First Tree

I have bought my very first, very own Christmas tree! You must realize this is a momentous occasion as there will never come another first such as this. My tree is a beauty. She stands seven feet tall and comes bedecked in pine cones, perhaps to make her plastic needles seem a bit more real. She dropped a few of them when I was setting her up, but I imagine it's just nerves getting the better of her. Now that she has had some time to settle down, she stands quietly in her corner, with little else but lights woven through her green tresses. She's a natural beauty--doesn't need much to look stunning--a good thing, seeing as my decorations are running low. She is from the Salvation Army, where I also plundered the Christmas section for tinsel. 

The Rebel Shang knitted me this gnome! She made his sweater gray and his trousers brown just so he would look like a Swedish tomte. He is the sweetest thing and now lives among the branches of the tree, the rest of which will be decorated tomorrow. Reb is coming over to  help, and I am going to show her how to make havreflarn. We might even have time for banana bread, which isn't terribly Christmasy but always delicious.

I haven't yet hung much in the tree, but I've placed my Christmas postcards among her green branches. I find they not only make beautiful decorations, but also remind me of the many wonderful people in my life. Some of my favorites from my students read, "Merry Christmas! I hope to see you next semester." (Where do you think I'm going, Bailey?) and "Merry Christmas! This is not a bribe, but I really do need an A." (Oh, Lucas, you of all people need not resort to such underhanded gestures, but still, I admire your creative thinking.)

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