Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Days Go By

Once again I must apologize for my severe lack of posts, but you see, I have been entertaining a friend. Alicia has been here for the past week, and as any form of writing is a selfish process, I did not think it kind to hide myself in a corner to work feverishly on updates.

 Alicia. You may also call her Momo-chan, should you run into her. 

We enjoyed good weather the first two days; we traversed the entirety of the city core, which is not a great achievement as it's a small place. We ducked into shops and drank hot chocolate and did everything else good friends do upon meeting. 

On the third day we drove to Vännäs to see my grandmother. We were not as lucky with the weather, which had hitherto been spotty; the day gave us soggy shoes and cold fingers. Nonetheless we persevered, and Alicia breathed in the garden. 

My grandmother wanted me to document her garden in its glory, and so I did.  


 Two generations in a garden

Wild strawberries soaked in rain 

My new hair

 Once inside to warm ourselves, we were treated to a meal of fläskpannkaka, or pork pancake, which is delicious and eaten with jam.

 Hjortronsylt, or cloudberry jam. 

 Dad's failed attempt at taking pictures of us. 

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