Sunday, 28 August 2011

Here's to You

Tomorrow is my parent's thirtieth wedding day. Over these years they have moved countless times, traversing countries, fearlessly throwing themselves into uncertain circumstance, living on a shoestring that could have thrown a wrench into the machinations of marital bliss, had they been a lesser couple--but they have weathered whatever storms have come their way and are the stronger for it.

The ever-impressive matching sweaters

Jobs are better done in pairs

Their love is a grand love in humble form, the kind that spans continents and still, when stripped of all else, exquisitely reduces to a goodnight kiss that has lasted for thirty years. No one could ask for better people, kinder souls, braver heroes, or more excellent parents. Here's to celebrating you and all you have done together.

We love you.


fia filur said...

i stole these photos :D

S.L. Gabriel said...

I noticed.