Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dinner in Black and White

 For dinner, we visited Karin, an well-traveled elderly lady, to have surströmmings kalas, or a fermented herring party, which is usually held outdoors and in the summer because of the pungent smell. But as it was slightly chilly and wet outside, we had to stay indoors. We kept the balcony door open, and through the curtains we could look out over the river.

I had promised my mother I would eat a surströmmingsklämma, a open-faced sandwich with fermented herring, potatoes, sour cream, tomatoes, and chopped red onion.

Helga had also made meatballs, in case I didn't take to the herring.

Karin, the lady of the hour

 A little after-dinner verse-and-prayer

The Dinner Guests

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