Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Why the Sudden Change?

I spent many hours yesterday meticulously going over the format of my blog, trying to make things fit and working my way through different colour schemes to get the very best one. And I quite like it. With this new format I can choose the size of my pictures, and I have been wanting to put up big ones for quite some time now. The older format was quite restrictive in this aspect.

As for changes, I took the Blog Archive and moved it to the bottom of the page, along with the box for Followers. I put the Archives there because not many arrive at the blog to look at older posts, and it took up a good portion of the space without any real purpose. I also added a Labels list at the bottom so that any reader might look up previous posts about 'family' or 'fashion' or 'traveling' or whatever else with greater ease. I deleted my Profile from my blog entirely and instead added a Page called About Me to hold the same information. I find the general effect is a cleaner, more efficient blog, and I truly hope you enjoy it.

Let me know if you have any trouble finding anything.

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