Monday, 29 August 2011

Gym Buddies

Jenny and I went to a dodgy looking gym today. It was a small storage room with gym equipment--one treadmill, two bikes, and one broken weights machine--and yellow, fiberglass insulation across the windows. But hey, we take what we get. And we're grateful.

On our way back, we stopped in a secondhand store right in the middle of the residential area, and Jenny wanted to buy a pair of black boots, a gauzy, purple blouse, a patent leather dress, and a green velvet skirt. We didn't have any money, so she buried the blouse in a pile of clothes, performing the old tried-and-true hide-your-favourite-article-from-other-customers trick.

Jenny: I know it's going to be gone next time. I just know it.

Me: You afraid some other goth is going to come along and buy it?

Jenny: There are more of us than you think. 

Since she sews, I have asked her to help me with some high-waisted skirts. In exchange, I promised to lend her my black pirate coat that she may trace it for a pattern.

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