Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ah! My Childhood Calls

Today was a terrible day for writing. I did almost nothing. But it was a good day for buying rice crackers at the Sari Sari Asian store. The store is innocuously tucked away in a basement of Bankgatan 16; there is barely a sign to mark its presence, and I would walked by without a second glance if not Samuel and Oscar had shown me the stairs into the earth.

It was wonderful, like unexpectedly finding a little piece of home. I need it in this country so far removed from my childhood's climate and culture. The two filipino ladies in charge of the store were only too delighted to have us, even opening up a styrofoam case to show off their new acquisitions--two spiky kings of the fruits, durian.  I bought rice crackers and Milo and dried mango from the Philippines (the best) and Zesto Mango Nectar and a jar of red curry paste for my mother. I restrained myself from buying prawn crackers and Jack 'n Jill potato chips and and sesame seed cakes.

Now, where is the glass case for Yakult? and the steamed bao stand?

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