Monday, 12 September 2011

Order of the Day

There are so many exciting things happening this week. Sister Sofia is arriving tomorrow, all the way from Norway. I've decided that she's going to sleep with Barbarossa and Wynne. It might be a tight squeeze, but they won't mind. Later in the week, Hans and Lotta, my brother's parents-in-law are coming stopping in for a visit, which I assume will necessitate more baking on my part, and many dinners and lunches spent in good company.

Also, I need to get together some semblance of an exercise regime if I am ever to keep up with Bear Grylls. With karate every Monday and Wednesday, I need to be as lithe as a jungle cat, but now that summer has run its course, I have the stamina of a toaster. Therefore: running! Calisthenics! Stretching!

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