Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hair Day

I awoke to rain and wind, neither of which let up as I caught the bus into town to see my hairdresser Märta. (Time to trim the weeds.) In town I walked past some newly-erected crepe and cheese and sausage stands in the town square, feeling rather sorry for their owners as the weather would prove bad for business. The wind was so strong it turned my umbrella inside-out twice, before I hit the windtunnel between two houses, and I was almost blown off my feet. My umbrella nearly took me into traffic.

It has always been my dream to leave the salon with perfectly coiffed hair. Today I stepped out into wind--hair in my face! in my mouth!--I got tangled up in my umbrella; I couldn't see for the rain in my eyes! Nearby drivers shook their heads and gave me a wide berth, out of pity.

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