Friday, 16 September 2011


Now that autumn is finally upon us, I have bought an umbrella. To think that I found one that looked like an old map, filled with pictures of ships and ships' cats and anchors! Perhaps it's better to buy an umbrella when skies are clear. There is always more choice when one is not pressed by necessity, though I have bought many a cheap umbrella because of a sudden downpour.

Ship's cats are an age-old tradition, carried on ships to keep away mice and rats that might destroy ropes, tools, supplies, or infect people and food with diseases.

 Prime Minister Winston Churchill says hello to Blackie aboard the HMS Prince of Wales, stopping the kitty from boarding the American destroyer. Blackie was renamed Churchill after his encounter with the famous man.


boats struggle
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Blue said...

Thanks for your comment, I can assume why you ended up on my blog seeing this post :o)

You do know the ship's cats feature right? The whole point of them being ship's cats? That they have six toes on their front paws?

Now, I am going to check your blog, looks like some interesting reading.


(Oh, and my cat says thank you for the compliment - he's vain like that)