Friday, 16 September 2011

Rest for the Restless

I have to change. I want to change. If we remain the same at all times, we would not be complete people. I have to fight against my migratory instinct, that still small voice that tries to convince me that 'it will be better somewhere else'--wherever that 'else' may be. It's a common theme among internationals, and some suffer severely from it. My restlessness grows stronger when I stay too long in a place that does not simply hand me the adventure I seek, that needs me to make the most of my time. I grow impatient. Thankfully, I am not much plagued by this impulse, though I do find my thoughts turning to another place, another time, wanting to be far away when I am needed right here.

That is the great challenge. It lies not in overcoming impossible obstacles, but patiently staying put and working with (not settling for!) my circumstances, resting in the knowledge that there is a purpose for my time here, a reason for growing where I am planted.

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