Monday, 26 September 2011

Many Firsts

And the list of firsts lengthens. Ida and I lead worship yesterday. We made quite the pair. She had never played in public before, and I have never sung. She has a beautifully clear voice, and I being the chief sound technician, I turned up the volume on her microphone to drown out any of my own quavering false notes.

After the service, a church meeting was held. Now, I'm no expert regarding church meetings as this was my first, but it was hysterical. We have some very funny characters in our church. Gustaf pretended great indignation at each speaker's grip on the microphone and offered a demonstration as to proper usage. "Hold the mike to your mouth. Oscar."
Oscar, from the back, accepts the verdict. "Okay."
"That goes for you too Erika."
My mom holds up her hands, innocent as a dove. "I never do anything wrong."

We went through the order of business, discussing church attendance, and possible new locations for our church, as it is most inconvenient to have to cart all parts of the church to and from, in and out of our current premises. (Father and I have to climb into our basement every Sunday and pull out the synthesizer, speakers, mixer board, microphones and respective cords, microphone and music stands, and toy box.) Imagine having a place to store our things! Gustaf suggested the new place should have a resting room, in case the sermons got too long.
Pelle smirked, from his seat. "Yeah, that never happens."
Pappa smiled. 

And to finish a good day, I somehow dipped the neatly-tied ribbon around my neck into my teacup.

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