Tuesday, 6 September 2011

On Paper, Through Ink

I cheered myself with a bit of letter-writing. (Yes, more!) It is an art, and a withering one at that. Letters are a joy to write--throw out those stuffy old notions about letters. Out with boring stationery! We need inkpots and seals and wax and parchment and treasure maps drawn in haste and secret notes scrawled quickly in candlelight. We need adventure and high spirits and good cheer and noble hearts!

We need not well-wishes or daily news, but great greetings, warm hands pressed across seas through paper, and--one must never forget--the call to journey on, to sail out into the wide world, to greet the ocean in the morning, crying, "Hail! I will follow thee!" 


victoria said...

s: tack!

hope said...

letter-writing is so very cheering. this was a beautiful description of all it can be.